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Sacred site of Indigenous Peoples

Nepal Indigenous Nationalities Preservation Association (NINPA) is an organization established for the promotion and protection of Traditional Knowledge and Biological Diversity as well as protects Indigenous people's rights.

Nepal Indigenous Nationalities Preservation Association was formed with the goal of documenting and preserving the cultural knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples of Nepal and to assist them in developing and obtaining equal rights.

NINPA is a nonprofit non partisan, national level social organization. Register under Nepalese         Government and affiliated with social welfare council of Nepal and accredited with Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2005 and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2009.

The Major Activities of NINPA are as follows:

·         To make the indigenous nationalities, residing all over Nepal, self dependent by skill and personality development and organizing income generating program. 

·         To raise awareness of the rights, provided by the constitution and laws of the country to indigenous nationalities and help them gain access to these right.

·         To preserve the Language, culture, and Traditional knowledge.

·         To work for intellectual property right and for the preservation of Bio Diversity.  

·         Advocacy Program related with UN instrument.

·         Capacity Building Program to the indigenous communities on the issues of UNDRIP, ILO   169, Traditional Knowledge and Biological Diversity.

·         National and International level intervention on the CBD Processes and UN instrument

·         Awareness program of equitable sharing and sustainable use of natural resources. 

·         To raise issues of Trans national boundary problem to international regime